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Are you using the most economical ink?

Just to set the scene, when we talk about economy in this article we're not referring to buying compatible cartridges, refilling empty ones or other cost cutting techniques. Instead, we simply want to bring your attention to the fact that a number of printers can accept either a standard or high capacity ink cartridge. And the potential cost savings are substantial.

HP350 vs HP350XL

Two HP350 cartidges with different ink quantitiesTake one example. HP Printers that use the HP350 black cartridge will usually take the HP350XL high-capacity black cartridge as well.

And the cost difference? The high capacity HP350XL will probably retail at about twice the price of a standard capacity HP350. However, the HP350XL has an estimated page yield five times larger! So using the high capacity version will help you make quite a saving on printing costs.

Why do we ignore high capacity cartridges?

Sometimes there may be a conscious decision to buy a standard ink cartridge because you print infrequently, or just not have the budget available to buy the more expensive cartridges.

But many consumers are totally unaware of the full range of cartridges their printer can use. Instead there is a confidence in simply replacing the starter cartridges that the printer came with at the time of purchase. That way you know the cartridges will definitely work.

And one also gets the feeling that the printer manufacturers are happy for you to continue buying standard cartridges, as they are almost certainly more profitable for their bottom line.

Do your research

We suggest that whenever you buy a printer - and preferably beforehand as part of your purchasing decision - you find out what cartridges it will take, so you can save money as soon as you need to make your first change of cartridge.

If in any doubt about which ink cartridges your printer will take, ask someone who is familiar with IT to find out for you, or ask your printer manufacturer. And often there will also be an on-line resource for your printer model that will tell you which cartridges it will take.

So do your research, make an informed choice next time you buy an ink cartridge, and make a saving!


This article was previously published by the Energy Saving Centre on behalf of Village Ink

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Original-brand printer cartridges can be amazingly expensive. So could this be the time to try a reliable. re-manufactured high quality ink or toner cartridge instead.

Our business model is based on growing our repeat business. And to do that, we need to supply a quality product, at the right price and back it up with great customer service.

For your total confidence, we're also happy to give you a 100% no-quibble guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with a product, return it within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.


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