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Home Advice Tips & Tricks Brother TN2005 - Toner Life Extension

Brother TN2005 Life Extension

This section is about how to get the best value from the TN2005 toner cartridge you've purchased. In particular we look at how to make sure you use all the ink you've paid for, not simply throw the cartridge away because the printer's 'toner low' indicator is permanently turned on and refusing to print.

So, let's look at what we can do to get the last of the ink out of the cartridge - and from our own experience this can amount to a significant number of pages.

Tip 1 - Cover over the spy holes

When the ink in the cartridge is low enough, the spy holes - there's one at each end of the cartridge - will let in light and trigger an ink low detector. To stop this happening we suggest covering up the spy holes with an opaque material such as black PVC tape or a similar material. See the following pictures to identify the position of these spy holes:

In the past  you may have had some success in temporarily extending the life of your cartridge by shaking it. In effect you would have been doing no more than trying to cover the spy holes with the remaining ink.

Anyway, you can now reinstall the cartridge in the printer to see if it will start printing again.

If this operation does not resolve the ink-low condition, we now suggest that you look at Tip 2...

Tip 2 - Reset the ink-low flag

The printer also has a second ink low indicator which is believed to be based on the number of pages you have printed. This counting mechanism is effectively a mechanical gear train on the side of the cartridge. An important component of this mechanism is a white, nylon indicator flag. When the cartridge is calculated to have no more usable toner left, this flag will be seen in the 'empty' position (see picture below):

The flag now needs to be reset to the position it will have been in when it was first installed from new and will tell the printer that the cartridge still has ink in it (see picture below):

To reset the flag you will need to remove three screws (see picture below for positions) using a cross head screwdriver, and then slide the cover off...

After you have removed the cover (see picture below), either remove the flag by slipping it off its plastic post and replacing it to the original starting position, or turn it back without taking it off the post. You may feel a little frictional resistance, but it should move quite easily.

Now reinstall the flag cover, ensure all the nylon gears are meshed properly, and check that the flag is in the correct position (see picture below). Then fasten the cover securely using the three screws.

Now reinstall the cartridge and do a test print to make sure all is OK. And then see how many more pages you can get out of the cartridge. After this operation, keep a close eye on the printer quality. Once it starts to fade, then it's time to either refill or replace the cartridge.

And of course, before deciding to refill, make sure this this is suitable for your needs and you're happy to accept any warranty implications this may throw up from either the printer or cartridge manufacturer.

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Original-brand printer cartridges can be amazingly expensive. So could this be the time to try a reliable. re-manufactured high quality ink or toner cartridge instead.

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