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Home Advice Tips & Tricks Brother HL6050 - Printer Tips & Tricks

Brother HL-6050 Tips & Tricks

Here are some ways of extending the life of your HL-6050 printer hardware...

Tip1 - Drum or Fuser Override

Your printer will eventually cease to print once the drum, and eventually the fuser unit, reach the end of their theoretical life. However, it's rather like your car telling you that as you've driven a certain distance, and it's time to change your tyres - even if there's lots of tread still left on them!

So, you may wish to override the printer and carry on regardless, especially if the print quality is still acceptable and there are no other problems; and we do this by resetting the appropriate counter.

Find Counter

To find the appropriate counter, press the 'Go' button and '+' buttons on the Control Panel simultaneously. You will then be able to scroll through the displayed devices by using the '+' and '-' buttons, depending on which direction you wish to go.

Reset Counter

To reset a counter value back to 'zero', firstly depress the '' key to choose the device you wish to reset, and then depress the '' key again when you see RESET displayed. You may have to do this quite quickly as the opportunity appears to be time-constrained. If you delay, you will automatically be taken back to the normal menu, where these options will no longer be available, and you'll have to start again.

You can then return to the top of the menu by either using the 'Back' button, or simply switching the printer off and on.

Tip2 - Checking the Counters

Instead of waiting for the printer to catch you by surprise, you can be pro-active and check the counter values at any time. To check the counters, depress the '' key on the Control Panel, three times in succession. This will produce a three-page printout entitled 'Print Settings', with page 2 displaying the current status of each counter.

We've shown an example of page 2 (see the picture below) where the fuser and drum counters are indicating they have no remaining life.

Brother HL-6050 Counter Page before resetting



And by comparison, now check out what the counters will look like after they have been reset (see picture below). If at any time you reset one or more of the counters, this is a useful indication of whether or not you've been successful.

Brother HL-6050 Counter Page after resetting




Tip 3 - Brother HL-6050 Documentation

If you need further information about how to operate and maintain your printer, the Brother HL-6050 User Manual is available on the Brother website.

You can open the User Manual by clicking on this link

You can see the Service Manual by clicking here

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