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Village Ink FAQs

Village Ink's service has been developed first and foremost to help you save money on your business and home printing costs.

We're often asked to describe our service, and how it's different to purchasing from an Internet supplier or office stationery company.

So to do that we have compiled some frequently asked questions (FAQs) recently posed by customers.

FAQs that best describe our service...


Q1 - We've always bought original brand ink cartridges as they must be the best. But are alternative brands really as good?

  • A1 - We're aware that many of our customers were originally cautious about using anything other than original brand inks. And of course, those same manufacturers will ensure your printer makes you aware that you've just installed a non-original cartridge - often using emotive language and frightening messages to drive the point home. This is all part of the marketing game and we encourage you not to be intimidated or worried by these messages. Whatever the products we sell, we would like to emphasise that performance and reliability comes first and foremost.

Q2 - Can our printer cartridges other than those they came with when purchased?

  • A2 - Many printers have the ability to use more than one size of ink cartridge, for instance 'Starter', 'Regular' and 'High Capacity'. Whenever, you buy a new printer it will usually come with the smallest version of cartridge installed. When that runs out, the tendency is to replace the starter cartridge with exactly the same version, simply because you know it works. However, you've just started to leak money by failing to install a much more economical version of cartridge, which we can help identify for you.

Q3 - Our cartridge has apparently expired, but we know there's still lots of ink inside it, So why is saying its empty?

  • A3 - We also provide tips and techniques to extend the life of your print media and consumables. Many print consumables have a theoretical lifespan which is monitored by the printer software counting pages, and when reached can result in the printer refusing to work. However, your printer is still usually capable of operating fine beyond these arbitrary cut-off points without any detrimental affect to either the printer or the print quality. Where possible we will show you how, and of course save you lots of money in the process.

Q4 - Are you tied to a particular supplier or brand of ink?

  • A4 - We are not constrained by having to use just one dedicated wholesaler for our ink supplies. We know through experience that certain wholesalers 'major' on certain brands of printer, and may not be as good with others. Village Ink uses whichever UK wholesaler it believes is the best-of-breed for any given product. That's our expertise and that's what we bring to the party - for your benefit.

Q5 - Does the company have any processes and procedures?

  • A5 - Not only has the Village Ink team a wealth of technical knowledge and experience of the printer industry, but we also use 'quality practices' to give the best results. Our own background in ISO9000 Quality consultancy and British Standards, means that our service is geared effectively towards delivering the best products at the most competitve price.

Q6 - We know that supermarkets now stock there own-brand inks. How do your products compare with these?

  • A6 - If you believe that Supermarkets own-brand inks are cheaper than Village Ink's, then think again. In fact, one of our distributors already suppliers a major supermarket chain. The upside is that we can supply the same product, normally at a lower cost or at least the same price as the supermarket. No only that but we often have a better selection as we're not constrained by having limited shelf space!

Q7 - Do you have any sales literature about the company?

  • A7 - Sorry. but Village Ink doesn't have the glossiest brochures nor employ slick salesmen. We simply have a management team that's passionate about its products, and helping customers save money through using them. Any information about Village Ink will either be available on this website, or you'll hear about it first-hand from a member of our team.

Q8 - You offer and provide technical support, but how much does it cost?

  • A8 - Technical Support comes in the guise of us simply knowing our products and being able to impart our knowledge to you the customer. You pay no extra for the technical support, even though we are doing everything to help you get the most from your ink cartridge, and of course delaying the time when you have to buy another one from us. And why shouldn't you get every last drop of ink out of your ink cartridge? You've paid for it!

Q9 - What is Village Ink's stance on the subject of recycling?

  • A9 - We are genuinely enthusiastic about the subjects of sustainability and recycling, and will do everything we can to re-use a product in order to avoid it being thrown away unnecessarily.


Think of Village Ink as an extension to your IT department, but specialising in printers. In other words we work alongside you to help you make the best purchasing choices.

Do feel free to call us if you think we can help. We're always available for a 'chat' to tell you more about us and how we can help you save money.

Not sure where to start? Then try our service to see how we can help with just one of your printers. And of course you are under no obligation to place an order. And if you do, there are no supply contracts or minimum order quantities to worry about. We just give a great service, where we identify the the best product for your needs.

100% Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

Original-brand printer cartridges can be amazingly expensive. So could this be the time to try a reliable. re-manufactured high quality ink or toner cartridge instead.

Our business model is based on growing our repeat business. And to do that, we need to supply a quality product, at the right price and back it up with great customer service.

For your total confidence, we're also happy to give you a 100% no-quibble guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with a product, return it within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.

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